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Photobook Project for Jared--Update w/ New Info - Creation's Salute to Supernatural Con Dallas
Photobook Project for Jared--Update w/ New Info

I wanted to update you all with the project.  Please continue to send in pictures.  As of today, we are up to 127 PICTURES!

Blackjedii, Shadowfax and some other Jared fans came up with a great idea and we've decided to go with it.  Jared always gives so much of himself to us and we want to give a little back.  We're going to get a professional book made of fans' pictures with Jared to give to him at EyeCon!  I can get a leatherbound photobook made through .  If you have a picture of yourself with Jared, whether its a photo op or a candid pic and would like to be included in the book, email your original sized picture along with your name and where you are from to .  I think Jared would absolutely love this.Any and all pictures of Jared with his fans will be accepted.  If you've had a photo op at a con with Jared or with Jared and other celebrities (for example, Jensen, Jim, etc), or if you've met him some other time and had your picture taken with him, please send them in!  I will be accepting pictures until mid-August.
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