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A new RP-Seeking the perfect Dean or Sam - Creation's Salute to Supernatural Con Dallas
A new RP-Seeking the perfect Dean or Sam
Mods--If this doesn't need to be here, please delete.I've recently found a new rp forum board that takes characters from TV Shows and Movies. On this board, it's like a reality show. The characters are divided up into two teams and they have to work together to go from the Amazon Rainforest to London. Each works with the other finding clues and objects.

Now I've decided that I can play a pretty good Sam, so I'm in search of the perfect Dean. Please send me a message if you're interested and I will get back in touch with you each. I want to get signed up with the characters soon, and start some active rp with the other characters that are there right now.

Characters already online: Faith Lehane, Spike, Buffy Summers, Dawn Summers, Mutt Williams, Indiana Jones, The Doctor, Rain Ocampo

I think this would be a fun thing to keep us entertained...
So give me a shout.
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